About Ekam

Ekam the Word.

The word "Ekam" pronounced as "Aikam", stands for oneness, all under one roof. It has a similar definition in Punjabi, Tamil, and Sanskrit languages.
Keeping in mind this true meaning of Ekam this website has been developed to bring together Indian businesses and South Asian businesses. At Ekam you can search for businesses/services using general everyday words/terms.Search results can be sorted by city, proximity or ranks. You can sms/e-mail business info to yourself or your friends and use the map feature to find the geographical location and driving directions to all the listed businesses.

Ekam the Tool.

With the use of latest internet software and an innovative in-house technology Ekam engineers have developed a search engine/webservice that finds the right balance of making Indian businesses searchable, marketable and competitive in the growing online markets. Users of ekam can quickly find all the South Asian - Indian, Pakistani, Fijian, Sri Lankan, or Bangladeshi businesses that are close to home

Ekam for Indian Businesses.

Ekam understands that it is not possible for every small and medium business to obtain and manage a website. At Ekam.ca businesses can signup and upload their basic information (business name, address, phone#). Also, Ekam.ca offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to acquire searchable, useful and yet personalized business pages.

Ekam's promise.

Lastly, Ekam is a search tool which relies on information gathered from our registered businesses. Its usefulness will continue to improve as the business database grows. We already have 6000 businesses listed and we are growing fast. We encourage you to use our services and provide us with your valuable feedback. We are committed to bringing in new features and services to enhance your experience at Ekam.ca

Contact Us

We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can contact us at contact@ekam.ca