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First step in advertising on is to make sure you have a free business listing. Find Your Business or Add Your Business.
Once you have a free listing, you are ready to significantly improve your listing by advertising on in one simple step.

Why should I advertise on

  • Ekam business listings become searchable through all major search engines like Google. You will never need a business website.
  • It is the quickest way to reach a growing number of local residents searching for South Asian Businesses.
  • offers services similar to online versions of Yellowpages or Canpages, but at a very reasonable cost.

What does advertising on mean?

  • Add pictures, menus, photos and other media related to your business on your landing page.
  • Add a "Business Description" section in your landing page where you can describe your business and the services you offer in your own words. All these are keywords that make your business more searchable.
  • Your business will show up at the top in search results and category listings. Top 3 businesses in results get most customers.

See below to learn how Premium features can help your business by increasing your customer base.

As a premium business, your distinguished landing page will set your listing apart from the free listings on

A variety of features available on your landing page will provide more information to your customers while making your business more searchable.

Your Business Description
  • Inform potential customers about your services and products in 500 words
  • Highlight your business's features and what sets it apart
  • All words in your description become keywords, making them searchable in Ekam and in major search engines such as Google
Business Media (Pictures, Menu, Flyers, etc.)
  • Enhance your business's reputation and customer confidence by adding up to 30 full size images
  • Post colorful flyers, menus, brochures or any other visual media
  • Fastest way to attract customers to your services

Your premium business listing will appear at the top in our search and categories listing resulting in more viewers visiting your landing page.

Top listing in Search Results and Categories pages
  • Be at the top in search results and browse categories pages for your business category
  • Top 3 or 4 businesses get 90% of the customers
  • Improves business visibility throughout
  • Beat your competition

Not Convinced?

Have a look at a sample premium business listing. Sample Premium Business

How much does it cost?

Premium features are offered free for the first month. This way you get to try and see if it is working for you. After one month we charge a tiny $25/month (on a monthly basis, no yearly contract) which includes all the premium features listed above. That's not all! if you sign up for 6 months or yearly you can save more.
At, we believe in partnerships, if you refer businesses to us, we will waive your premium costs. So for every business you refer to us you get a month of free premium features. (e.g 10 referrals = 10 free premium months). Call (604)-910-1118

How do I start advertising?

You can subscribe for an Ekam Premium Plan online and start attracting customers immediately. We offer three payment plans to suit your needs.
You can contact us at (604)-910-1118 or e-mail us at

Payment Plan Type Cost Subscribe Now
  • $25.00 per month, flat rate
  • No contracts, cancel subscription at any time
  • First month free!
Business Name:

  • $125.00 every 6 months
  • No contracts, cancel subscription at any time
  • Save more than 15% over regular price
  • First month free!
Business Name:

  • $225.00 per year
  • No contracts, cancel subscription at any time
  • Save 25% over regular price
  • First month free!
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